Fashion Icons And The Trend They Introduced!

Fashion Icons and the Trends They Made Famous

Most believe that fashion is completely subjective, however sometimes; there are trends which are just too good to ignore. If you are someone who loves keeping abreast with the latest trends, then given here are some of the biggest fashion icons which the world has ever seen and the trends which these individuals have been instrumental in effortlessly introducing.

Audrey Hepburn and her trend of the Little Black Dress


Since time immemorial, the words fashion and Audrey Hepburn have gone hand in hand. It was really her that introduced the trend of having an LBD in the closet and she always paired her black dress with a statement neck piece which usually consisted of a thick string of pearls. Even today Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a movie with so much character and women across the globe are spellbound by how almost all the trends of the movie can be put to use today!

Elizabeth Taylor, Undoubtedly the Queen of Diamonds

Source: (National Gallery of Victoria/Photofest)

Elizabeth Taylor might have always been in the news for some reason or the other, and even today one of the reasons why she is so beloved to women both young and old is owing to the fact that she knew how to look good in anything. The Queen of Diamonds, as many would call her, was famous for her unconventional sense of style, where she always managed to pull off even the most over the top look without the slightest of trouble.

Madonna and her Costume Couture

Source: Unknown

When Madonna initially started her career, she seemed like someone who couldn’t care less about the clothes she wore. However, over the years Madonna evolved into someone who was very fashion conscious and never stepped out on stage unless her costume was on point. One of her most iconic looks was that of the conical brassier which she dared to wear during one of her performances. Today, Madonna might be well over fifty years old, but she continues to shock us with her unapologetic style statements.

Marilyn Monroe with her Curves


Marilyn Monroe might no longer be with us today, but her legacy is richer than ever. So much so, that even today there are many women who make a handsome living by being Monroe impersonators, for shows and events. Marilyn Monroe’s most iconic look had to be the one with a white dress and loose blonde curves where she looked like a million bucks and showed off her curves so very tastefully. Marilyn Monroe may have lived a sad life, but her contribution to the world of fashion has certainly been truly been mammoth.


The hallmark of these trends is that they have been introduced in a very subtle manner by individuals who never really tried to make a statement. On the contrary, such people started a trend, by simply being themselves and doing whatever they felt like doing. Fashion is not always about wearing trendy clothes, on the contrary, fashion can be anything you want it to be!