The Most Unforgettable “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” Moments

Unforgettable “Friends” Moments That Will Always Be There For You

The sitcom FRIENDS may have stopped airing all the way back in 2004, but even today the show continues to be incredibly popular among the young and old alike. So much so, that even the reruns which are telecast on television are well received and watched by many. Every episode of FRIENDS is beautifully woven together to make a composite whole and to help you relive some of the best moments of the sitcom, given here are a list of some of the most unforgettable FRIENDS moments!

Monica’s proposal to Chandler


Voted by many as one of the most beautiful episodes in television history, Monica’s proposal to Chandler was nothing short of amazing. It was everything ranging from, beautiful, unconventional to even touching. What made the proposal more touching was that it came moments after Joey tricked Chandler into thinking that Monica had packed her stuff and gone away for good!

When Rachel ‘got off the plane’

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The series finale of FRIENDS had us all at the edge of our seats. However, the biggest question was pertaining to whether Ross and Rachel would finally end up together or not. Everything seemed lost for good until Rachel makes a dramatic entrance in the last few minutes of the episode saying ‘I got off the plane!’ When it comes to emotional moments, Phoebe having to give up the triplets, was truly another heart-wrenching episode!

Joey eats for six


One of the hilarious episodes is certainly the one where Phoebe tries (in vain) to celebrate her birthday! However so caught up is everyone else in their own lives that they fail to arrive at the restaurant on time. Towards the latter part of the episode when things finally seem like they are beginning to fall into place, Phoebe herself gets a call from her boyfriend, who tells her that he has gotten off early from work causing her to leave! One by one, the rest of the 5 leaves as well, till it is only Joey who is left to complete the meal for six all by himself! This is something which he gladly does and to top it all he even enjoys Phoebe’s birthday cake all by himself, once the meal has been completed! Apart from the episodes which have been mentioned above, there are countless other memorable incidents on the show, which have really touched us. Other honorable mentions include the time when Monica and Chandler found out they are getting twins when the audience found out that Rachel was pregnant with Ross’s baby or even the stunning episode where Phoebe gets married to Mike. Various shows like How I Met Your Mother has come and gone, but few of the shows have managed to waive a spell over the audience the way FRIENDS has. Until today, no matter how many movies Jennifer Aniston has done, she will always be Rachel to her fans! Same holds true for Matthew Perry, Courtney Cox, Matt Lee Blanc, Lisa Kudrow or even David Schwimmer.