The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Known To Man

Insanely Weird Ice Cream Flavors That You Won’t Believe

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” is something which we have all said, yet believe it or not, there are some flavors which even the biggest fans of ice cream would never dare to try out. If you are someone who has always considered yourself a daredevil, then given here are some flavors of ice cream which you ought to try out, if you manage to lay your hands on it.

Brussels Sprouts


Brussels sprouts have never been very popular as a vegetable and even as an ice cream flavor, they fail to attract the masses. This flavor of ice cream is nothing short of a disaster and kids flee at the very thought of having to taste this flavor!



Believe it or not, in many ice cream shops across the world, there is actually garlic flavored ice cream which is not merely stinky but also incredibly weird to eat. People who have braved the odds and tasted the ice cream have disliked the heaviness of the ice cream and have remarked on how tough it is to remove the garlic taste from the mouth, even hours after the ice cream has been consumed. Another flavor which is instantly off-putting is Cheese flavored ice cream which is not merely unappetizing to look at but weird in texture.



In case you happen to find a ‘coal’ flavored ice cream on the menu card of your local ice cream parlors, you should make it a point to give it a try. This is especially if you are someone who loves Smokey flavored food items. Kids usually hate the taste of this flavor but it is usually the grown-ups who find it hard to resist the uncanny yet endearing taste of this unconventional ice cream flavor.

Fish and Chips


Fish and chips are a beloved food item for people across the globe. So much so that even children never make a fuss to gobble down this dish without a word. However, as an ice cream flavor, fish and chips fail to garner the same amount of attention. People simply cannot seem to get past the smell of the ice cream and even if they do when taking the first bite, it is completely impossible to get through the full ice cream without gagging.



Tomato in itself might be delightful to look at and refreshing to eat, but as an ice cream flavor, it is nothing short of odd! However, many who have taken the pains to try the flavor out, have been pleasantly surprised with the taste! They say that the flavor is actually quite unique and tastes not very different from chilled tomato juice.

These are simply some of the weirdest ice cream flavors available in various parts of the world. However, believe it or not, there are some people who have actually tried out the flavors and liked them. So when trying these flavors out, make sure to keep an open mind!