Kris Jenner Is All Set To Bring Maternity Fashion: A Wonderful Opportunity To Cash In On Kylie’s Pregnancy

Kris Jenner Keen To ‘Cash In On Kylie’s Pregnancy

Kris Jenner, 61 is excited to have a new great business opportunity, offered by Kylie’s rumored pregnancy. “Kris is happy for Kylie,” sources said. “Not only will she be a grandma again, but it’s a whole new set of business opportunities for her.”

Kris Is Thinking To Bring Maternity Fashion For Younger Moms

Kris, a lady of wisdom, has got her head in business gear and setting up meetings for daughter Kylie to make a few pennies on her pregnancy news.


Kylie has become already a multi-millionaire because of her best-selling Kylie Cosmetic products but her pregnancy has been a wonderful opportunity for Kris Jenner to cash in. Before she slips the chance out of the hand, she’s already offering to set up meetings.

Kylie is expected to see a 25 percent hike in sales this year. If the business continues to rise at the same pace, she could have a billion-dollar business in next few years.

If Kylie embraced the young mummy market, she could take it over. However, Kylie has yet to comment publicly about her pregnancy that was first reported last week. Some of the sources said – the 20-year-old’s boyfriend Travis Scott, 25, has been telling friends they are having a daughter.

Kylie’s Family Begged Her To Protect Herself From Tyga

In the midst of, it also claims that Kylie was always ready to have a baby with her rapper ex Tyga but her family was concerned. Her family begged her to protect herself from this relationship. They consider it a bad relationship.

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Some sources have claimed Kylie is over four months pregnant with a baby girl due in February. Some other sources also claimed that she started dating Travis Scott in March. She fell in love with him instantly and it’s been two months of having a relationship and she conceived.

Surprisingly, according to some sources, Kylie and Travis are not ready to get married and are still trying to figure out how successful their relationship can be.

Kylie has no objection to remaining like a spinster like Kim and Kourtney. The other hand, despite the baby rumors, Travis seemed to be no expedition to start saving as he reportedly spent around $500,000 on nine blinging chains for him and his team.

Spencer Pratt, an old friend of the family’s, has also said that Kylie has always wanted children. In fact, according to some sources, she started telling friends that she was expecting a child about six weeks ago. He also added in his statement, “I used to watch her with the babies and King, she loves playing mom and cooking all the meals – I think she’ll be an amazing mom.”