Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Own

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but whoever has said his, obviously know nothing about women. This is owing to the fact that everyone knows that bags are clearly a women’s real best friend and women just need half an excuse to go bag shopping. If you are someone who loves shopping for bags, then you would know that purchasing bags, cannot be seen as an expense, rather it ought to be viewed as an investment.

Given here are types of bags which every bag enthusiast needs to have in their closet. In case you are missing out on any of these types, make sure to get a hold of it at the earliest, so that you bag collection can be complete!

A Crossbody Bag

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Crossbody bags are truly incredibly versatile, so when you invest in one, you can rest assured that you are going to get a lot of use out of it. So rather than investing in a boring colored cross body bag, take the plunge and invest in a bright colored one which can instantly brighten up even the dullest outfits. Nowadays, many fashion-forward people are dawning cross body bags in bright neon colors as well. So, based on the kind of colors you love, do invest in a cross body bag which suits your personality. Some, even like to invest in printed bags and that’s a great idea too!

A Fuss free tote


Tote bags are not merely fashionable, but they are also very useful. By virtue of their big size, you can carry them almost anywhere, whether you are going to the market, the mall or even running a few other errands. When it comes to picking the perfect colors, it is advisable to pick something simple which can look good with any outfit. Most people prefer to pick black or beige tote bags because such bags are timeless and always look trendy no matter what.

A trendy day and night clutch

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Clutches are a must, especially if you are someone who has plenty of day and night engagements. Nowadays clutches are available in various sizes and designs so don’t be afraid to try out a new look. Apart from this, even box bags are very in vogue at the moment and despite their small size, such box bags are able to hold plenty of things, whether a mobile phone, a few pieces of makeup and even small pieces of jewelry.

Ever so often women buy bags just for the sake of it, however rather than just wasting your money on run off the mill bags, you should make it a point to invest in only those bags which you are sure about. Rather than buying 5-6 mediocre bags, you should invest in one good bag which is sure to last for a long while! Invest your money wisely and you will have no regrets at the time to come!